YAY!!! Marina District was recognized by California Federation of Women's Club for the report writing in Arts Community Service Program, Education Community Service Program, Public Issues Community Service Program and Women's History and Resource Center Advancement Guide. Marina District was honored to receive the 2nd Place Convention Spirit Award.

Our congratulations extend to South Bay Junior Woman's Club for winning CFWC Awards for Medium Size Club in Education, Fundraising & Development and Women's History, Woman's Club of Hollywood for Small Size Club for Membership Advancement, Torrance Woman's Club for the Creative Award in Membership Advancement and Woman's Club of Redondo Beach for winning the Newsletter Contest for Intermediate Size Club! 

Also let's not forget the amazing women of our clubs and very talented kids from our local communities for winning CFWC award in several categories.

Marina District would like to celebrate all kids who have been recognized for their outstanding achievements in  Creative Writing, Art & Photography and Young Musician Competition.


Let's celebrate clubs in the Marina District yearly achievements

CFWC Marina District 

Clubwoman Awards

1st Place - Cathy Rodriguez, SMBWC

2nd Place - Alycia McCord, SBJWC

3rd Place - Hildegard Graeber, TWC

Quilting By Machine

Apparel Sawing

1st Place - Jeanne Gilbreth, MVWC

1st Place - Bette Herbst, TWC

2nd Place - Jeanne Gilbreth, MVWC



1st Place - Kelly Hayes, WCPDR

1st Place - Carol Cervantes, ESWC

2nd Place - Sharon Broadbent, TWC

3rd Place - Julie Lansing, WCPDR

Other Needlework

General Crafts

1st Place - Susan Barry, SMBWC

2nd Place - Marilyn Keller, TWC

3rd Place - Sharon Broadbent, TWC

1st Place - Carol Cervantes, ESWC

2nd Place - Janice Petrosino, TWC

3rd Place - Sheila Kutkus, WCHB

Trash to Treasure


1st Place - Sharon Hladek, ESWC

1st Place - Carol Cervantes, ESWC

2nd Place - Carol Woods, TWC



1st Place - Cathy Rodriguez, SMBWC

2nd Place - Susan Barry, SBJWC

3rd Place - Carol Woods, TWC

Bette Herbst, TWC

Best  in Show

CFWC Marina District 

Clubwoman Craft Contest Winners

watercolor novice still life

Sheila Kutkus, WCHB

Lori Pollack

watercolor advanced portrait

watercolor advanced scenic

Lori Pollack

1st Place - Lori Pollack, SMBWC

2nd Place - Janet Ruwaka, SMBWC

watercolor advanced still life

oil or other medium

novice portrait

Sienna Tucker, WCHB

Nipper Sorensen, SMBWC

oil or other medium

advanced scenic

oil or other medium

advanced still life

Nipper Sorensen, SMBWC

Bernice Robertson, TWC

china painting advanced

drawing and pastel novice

Sheila Kutkus, WCHB

Sheila Kutkus, WCHB

mixed media

3 dimensional art

Gaye Simmons, WCHB

Sienna Tucker, WCHB

Best  in Show

CFWC Marina District 

Clubwoman Creative Writing Contest

Member Poetry

1st Place - Alycia McCord, SBJWC

2nd Place - Angie Waller, CCWC

3rd Place - Jeannie Gilbreth, MVWC

3rd Place - Sheila Kutkus, WCRB

1st Place - Mary Cook, TWC

2nd Place - Cindy Wall, TWC

3rd Place - Janice Petrosino, TWC

3rd Place - Marilyn Shaw, WCHB

Member Short Story

CFWC Marina District 

Clubwoman Photography Contest

Living Things

1st Place - Mary Mezey, CCWC

2nd Place - Alycia McCord, SBJWC

3rd Place - Christine Metoyer, CCWC

1st Place - Michele Neu, SBJWC

2nd Place - Carol Weber, WCPDR

3rd Place - Sheila Kutkus, WCHB


Still Life

1st Place - Christine Metoyer, CCWC

2nd Place - Vicki Ohliger, WCPDR

3rd Place - Mary Mazey, CCWC

1st Place - Teri Mesina, WCPDR

2nd Place - Sheila Kutkus, WCHB

3rd Place - Michele Neu, SBJWC

Volunteers in Action

Best  in Show

Michele Neu, SBJWC

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