The Marina District Logo was designed by Susan McGarry of the El Segundo Woman's Club in 2006. The outer circle is a life ring and the anchor ties the clubs in Marina District together, GFWC and CFWC are featured as the parent Federated Organizations 

Currently there are 10 clubs in Marina District,
1 Affiliated Club and
over 600 Members

Marina District 18 was organized in March 1956 and Incorporated in August 1956. The California Federation of Women's Clubs at it's 1955 Convention to reorganize and adopt new bylaws effective June 1, 1956 dispensed with counties and establishing 26 Districts. The first Marina District Convention was held at the Santa Monica Bay Club on March 1, 1956. Bylaws were adopted and officers elected. The new organization became effective June 1, 1956 and the name "Marina District 18" was selected.

 The Purpose of the Marina District is to be a liaison between Clubs in the District and CFWC, but also to disseminate information from GFWC and CFWC to the Clubs and to pass on the concert and questions from Clubs to GFWC and CFWC.

The District Perpetual trophies are awarded every year: "The Marina District Award" to the Club for the largest increase in Membership by percentage and "The I Make A Difference Award" for the most outstanding volunteer service of one member,  the District Volunteer of the Year.

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